Free peer-to-peer platform for renters and landlords

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How it works

SWAPIN finds opportunities by matching people currently searching for a flat together. To find the best flats our there, here are the steps you will have to follow:

Download SWAPIN

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Enter what you are looking for

Describe your current flat

Get push notifications when an opportunity is found

Chat with your match to ensure there's a good fit and organize a visit

Contact your landlords to explain your intent and enquire about their administrative requirements :)

Any questions ? Go check our FAQ



SWAPIN supports you in this tough housing market by suggesting you options you would not find anywhere else


Flip the flat you rent with someone to increase your options!


Uncovers the markets' hidden offers


No time to lose, be instantly notified when a new opportunity comes up!


Mobile by design. No more endless flat listings spam in your inbox.


SWAPIN offers you a useful package of features all in an user-friendly app


« Increase your chances to find the best fit »

Relax' ™ search

« SWAPIN works for you in the background and informs you of his findings in real-time »


« Receive notifications only for flats that really fits your wishes and needs »


« Publish your profile to inspire trust to the other Swappers »

Live chat

« Got a good looking match? Nice kitchen too? Arrange a visit ASAP! »

Easy admin

« Create your electronic application file only once. Apply to many. (coming soon) »

And more to come!

« What are you waiting for? Try SWAPIN now »

The team

SWAPIN is a small operation and our services are free. We work for you because we hope to make a difference. If you like our concept, support us by spreading the word, sending us feedback and ideas to improve our service. The whole community will benefit !

Loris Di Nardo Di Maio

Lead Backend Developer

IT engineer passionate about new technologies, Loris coordinates the "backend" team of the platform

James McGill

Project lead

Geeky Jack of all trades, James handles the business et project management aspects. He also engineered the matching algorithm

Yonas Abraham

Finances & customer relations

With his MSc. in Finance in the pocket and soon with another certification in his pocket, Yons manages the company finances


We are lucky to have such great partners to work with!

You have a non-profit idea that would align well with SWAPIN goals? Your business sees the possibilities that SWAPIN offers? Our doors are open! We'd be happy to have you close to our amazing partners :


MobileThinking is a Geneva-based company specialized in developing innovative web and mobile apps. They also offer training and consulting in various fields such as product design, autonomous driving, entrepreneurship and much more! Check them out: mobilethinking.ch


As a market leader in the Swiss telecom landscape, Swisscom SA continuously develops its network to offer the highest data speeds to all the country inhabitants. Thanks to their new offers: inOne, every user can adjust his subscription conditions at any moment, depending on their current needs. Swisscom supports SWAPIN in their endeavor, through its network and its address book.

1h par m2

1h par m2 « Room for a service » is a program of the University of Geneva to help its students find a place to live while fostering inter-generational links. SWAPIN will include a way for people to register a room and participate, thus helping 1h par m2 to achieve their goal. More information here: 1h par m2


A few screenshots of our app for your pretty eyes







Download our 100% free app

Available on the App Store Get it on Google Play

If you like our app, want to test new releases or simply want to support our project? Please subscribe to our mailing list:


You are a housing cooperative or a landlord? …and would be interested in integrating SWAPIN better into your own business processes? Do not hesitate to contact us, our aim is to render the housing market as efficient as possible!

Press coverage

You’ll find below some of the articles that were published about SWAPIN. We are grateful that they are spreading the word!


June 2018 edition - Leaders / La vie des PME

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MobileThinking's blog

November 7th 2018 post - SWAPIN's portrait

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For more information, contact us on the e-mail below ou using the contact form on the right of your screen.