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Revolutionary, social and topical

SWAPIN helps you in your search for the perfect flat: It will find opportunities you won't find anywhere else


Flip the flat you rent with someone to increase your options!


Uncovers the markets' hidden offers


Get notified instantly of the best opportunities!


Mobile by design. No more endless flat listings spam in your inbox.


SWAPIN offers you a wide range of opportunities in an user-friendly app


« Increase your chances to find the best fit »

Relax' ™ search

« SWAPIN works for you in the background and informs you of his findings in real time »


« Receive notifications only for flats that really fits your wishes and needs »


« Publish your profile to inspire trust to the other Swappers! »

Live chat

« Got a good looking match? Nice kitchen too? Arrange a visit ASAP! »

Easy admin

« Create your electronic application file only once. Apply to many »

And more to come!

« What are you waiting for? Try SWAPIN now »


Here are the companies and initiatives we share values and work with to bring you innovative products.

The team

The humans that do their best to bring you the best flat hunting experience!

Loris Di Nardo Di Maio

Lead Backend Developer

IT engineer passionate about new technologies, Loris coordinates the "backend" team of the platform

James McGill

Project lead

Geeky Jack of all trades, James handles the business et project management aspects. He also engineers the matching algorithm

Yonas Abraham

Finances & customer relations

With his MSc. in Finance in the pocket and soon certified something?, Yons manages the company finances et the client accounts

Carlos Ballester Lafuente


With his PhD in IT systems, Carlos main area of research is security and trust engines

Mattia Gustarini


IT researcher and mobile services designer. During his PhD thesis, he specialized himself in the analysis of the user perception and experience

Hassan Helbawi


Hassan has a MSc. in IT and will soon graduate from HEC Lausanne. He is passionate about business and innovation


A glimpse of our application in development

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